dr. Rudolf Steiner centre has organized a course of biodynamic farming in heart of Istria. This time we focused on what biodynamics can offer to Littoral farming, which pedological, climate and other conditions differ markedly from those found on continent. Judging by the first reactions and assessments, the results are more than satisfactory.

Farm Purgaj

Ordering apples

Apples from our farm are modern cultivars. We offer Jonagold, Gala, Gloster and Idared. You can place your order through our contact form, which you can find here or amongst other tabs above

Looking forward to your valued order.


  • Health

    We grow our apples without pesticides or artificial chemicals. We use biodynamic preparations and follow biodynamic method of farming.
  • Caring for nature

    Biodynamic method of farming alows us to nurture our surroudings, to care for nature instead of doing harm. With this in mind we make healthy living environment for many generations to come.
  • Lifelong learning

    We actively participate in section for agriculture in Goetheanum - with leading biodynamics all around the world we develop and research new technologies and practices of biodynamic agriculture.
  • Sharing knowledge

    Through society for biodynamic farming Podravje we hold lectures and workshop on our farm.

Človek je to, kar jé. Le da je potrebno poleg materialnega procesa razumeti tudi duhovnega. - Rudolf Steiner

  • Biodinamična metoda - video

    Intervjuji za film The challenge of Rudolf Steiner